We build the Toughest Hook-lifts in Australia

West-Trans range of hook lifts are available from 6 tonne through to 28 tonnes, and represent the highest build quality, and most robust hook lifts available in Australia. Chosen by all of the major waste and recycling contractors and organisations throughout the country, they represent toughness, reliability and extraordinary value for money.

Each unit is craftsmen built using our locally sourced custom lift cylinders, locally sourced materials and premium quality hydraulic components to our exacting standards. Because they are designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia, customers can choose one of standard market units or customise and add features to give them the exact unit to meet their own particular design requirements.

There are many variations that can be accommodated in a West-Trans manufactured hook lift, each one of them adding utility and value to Australia’s toughest hook lifts.

Why Choose West-Trans for Hook Lifts

We have been producing Australia’s toughest equipment locally for over 25 years. Over this time we have developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges presented by Australian conditions. We’ve designed and manufactured our hook lifts from the ground up in order to deal with these challenges, giving our customers unmatched confidence in their durability. They combine both solid construction and clever geometry to give you a tough, powerful stable and reliable machine.

As a family owned business with a presence in all of Australia’s four major capitals, West-Trans are hook lift manufacturers that can honestly offer a local and personalised product with the backing of a large nationwide network. We’ve worked hard to develop the combined qualities of a supportive and reliable local, and a trusted national brand. We pride ourselves on being able to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations and ownership experience with the best equipment we can build.

By choosing a West-Trans hook lift, you’re choosing quality, with tried and tested durability. You’re choosing a brand that stands behind all of it’s products, and has an extensive knowledge of the needs and wants of the Australian consumer. You’re choosing a hook lift that you can rely on.

Our Hook Lift Products: