Medium Loading Cranes

West-Trans Equipment Medium Loading Cranes

As one of Australia’s leading designers and manufacturers of heavy equipment we have used our experience and significant understanding of construction and engineering to pick the best medium loading cranes available on the market today for distribution. HMF, a Danish based manufacturer, is the best producer of medium loading cranes available on the market and has been for the last 70 years. HMF have made a name for themselves by leading the development of state-of-the-art truck mounted vehicle loading cranes, using only the best materials and clever electronic technology.

HMF medium loading cranes are uniquely developed with high-tensile steel and a clean, durable design that means they can be used to lifting as much as possible while still keeping the weight to a minimum. Some of the advantages of HMF medium loading cranes are their:

  • Market leading lift-to-weight ratio
  • An EVS stability system, the best available on the market today.
  • An extremely low tare weight
  • A proven resilient design that requires low maintenance over the long run
  • Patented EQC powder coating surface protection,, keeping your crane looking good for years, and protecting it from corrosion.

West-Trans Equipment is Australia’s sole distributor of HMF cranes, and now services individuals and business across every state and territory. Starting off as a family business over twenty five years ago we have built a reputation on only building, customising and distributing the best heavy equipment in Australia to our clients. Our selection of medium loading cranes for sale includes the HMF Truck Mounted Crane and HMF Truck Loader Crane, available in a variety of sizes and personalised variations.