Large Loading Cranes

West-Trans Equipment Vehicle Loading Cranes

West-Trans Equipment is one of Australia’s leading manufacturing engineers building and installing truck mounted heavy lifting systems which includes our selection of customised hook lifts and skip loaders, and HMF Cranes. This makes us uniquely qualified to understand what makes durable and powerful equipment suited to the Australian environment. Our long experience and dedicated market research has shown us that there is no better loading crane available on the market today than the Danish designed and build HMF brand, which has led to us becoming the sole importer and distributor of HMF vehicle loading cranes in Australia.

What makes HMF cranes so different? HMF loading cranes, from the small 240K, to the very large 9520 are built with cutting edge technology and over 70 years of experience, which has resulted in an exceptional crane that focuses on operational capacity, safety and powerful lift capability, with the most compact design and lowest tare weight per lifting tonne of any vehicle loading crane available worldwide.

HMF loading cranes have:

• The cleverest yet simple vehicle stability systems available today – EVS
• Designed to have a market leading high lift-to-weight ratio
• A very low tare weight
• A clean, tough design keeping hydraulics and electronics largely protected within the crane body, makes in-field reliability high and the cost of upkeep low

West-Trans Equipment has built its reputation on providing only the best heavy equipment to the Australian market and now operates across all Australian states and territories. Our business is family owned and has grown over the last two decades by always offering expert advice to our customers every single time. Many think “VLC’s” or Vehicle Loading Cranes are called “Hiabs”. However, much like Skid steer loaders are called “Bobcats”, or vacuum cleaners are called Hoovers”, Hiab is in fact a brand name. VLC’s are also often referred to as “loading cranes” “Truck Loader Crane”, “Truck Mounted Cranes” or “Knuckle Boom cranes”.

HMF has been building cranes incorporating innovative design and engineering, and exceptional quality for seven decades, and are seen as the premium quality brand crane across Europe. While cheaper cranes, built in Italy, Spain and Poland (often despite having Scandinavian names) might be well known, none come close to the clever use of electronics, application of super light, super strong steel, and enclosed electronics and hydraulics, protecting these vital components in the field. HMF Cranes are compact, strong, and light, with fewer sensors and better protected hydraulics, making them less prone to damage, and so more reliable in the field.