West-Transcover – Undercover


  • Never leave the ground to tarp
  • Light simple operation
  • Electric tensioning motors to save weight and reduce maintenance
  • Accommodates a variety of bin sizes and styles

Manufactured in England the West-Transcover UnderCover, is a simple and safe way to tarp all kinds of hook lift bins all from the ground. It is the ultimate in load tarping system for operator safety. Because the tarp remains connected to the truck and tarping arms, there is no risk to the driver from having a tarp pulled out of their hands in high winds. The whole process can be done with the driver safe and sound in the cab.

It’s unique swing over arms extend out beyond the loaded bin, carry the tarp over the load, it can then be tensioned and the arms retracted in beneath the bin (within legal width) safe to leave the yard/job headed for the drop off. 

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