West-Transcover – Tarp Tower

Tarp Towers

  • Available in wide and narrow head designs
  • Pneumatic lift and lowering making them light weight
  • Electric tensioning motors to save weight and reduce maintenance
  • Easily installed to new or existing loaders 

Manufactured in England the West-Transcover tarp tower system features a unique pneumatic lifting and lowering design, and electric tensioning motor, making it almost half the weight of old fashioned and more complicated hydraulic tarp tower systems, 

Quickly becoming the standard in tarping systems for hook lifts and larger skip loaders, the West-Transcover tarp tower, saves almost 200kg over the hydraulic alternatives, and is installed for either during initial fitting, or as an aftermarket installation in just a few days. 

Because of its more stream lined and simplified design, it also represents a significant saving over hydraulic systems, avoiding a lot of unnesseary complication. 

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