West-Transcover – Double Cover

  • Bulk tipper load security
  • Fast efficient load covering
  • Tough tear resistant netting
  • Manual or Hydraulic load covering from the ground

Manufactured in England the West-Transcover Double Cover is a load covering system designed specifically for maxi cube trailers, either tipping or walk floor. 

The twin cover gets its name from the unique roll over design, of a body length mesh net, hinged on each side of the trailer top combing. With a hinge frame at the rear of the trailer, and the geared roll over frame at the front, the driver only need step out of the cab, open the driver’s side, walk to the kerb site and open that side, and enter the yard or tipping area. With the nets on both sides rolling flat to the sides of the tipper body, there is less chance of damage when loading either with a grab, or bucket.

On leaving the loading and unloading sites, the driver starts at the kerb side, closes it, walks to the driver’s side and closes it, climb into the cab and go. No tying down, all managed from two manual crank handles.  Simple, safe and a secure load. 

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