HMF Truck Mounted KnuckleBoom 3220-RC

///HMF Truck Mounted KnuckleBoom 3220-RC

HMF Truck Mounted KnuckleBoom 3220-RC


HMF 3220-RC

An efficient, simple and cost-effective crane in the 30 tm range

Together with the EVS stability monitoring system and the HMF InfoCentre (patent protected), the crane, which can be used either as a hook crane, with winch or combined with HMF’s Fly-Jibs, provides the user with a total impression of easy and unique capacity, maximum safety and total control of all lifting tasks.

The very compact design of the column with internal hose routing both inside the column and alongside the main boom means that the hydraulic hoses are particularly well protected.
A very elegant and clean design without external covers and hoses.

The space requirements of the crane are reduced to a minimum; 1034 mm.

The 3220-RC has a low tare weight. This means a good utilization of the vehicle payload and thereby a better investment. The weight of the crane in relation to the load moment is 102 kg/tm (K2).

The longest hydraulic reach within this range: With 6 hydraulic extensions: 16.8 m and with 8 hydraulic extensions: 21.3 m.

Basic characteristics

  • Danfoss PVG 32 proportional control valve
  • Scanreco radio remote control with HMF InfoCentre
  • Continuous slewing area
  • Dual Power Plus link arm system
  • Over-bending: 15° on the crane, 20° on the Fly-Jib
  • 4 radio remote controlled stabilizer functions (crane)
  • Hydraulically extensible stabilizer beams
  • Oil regeneration system on the jib extension system


  • EVS stability safety system
  • Stabilizer beams of 2.8 m or 3.2 m for each side (option)
  • Stabilizer legs type V – vertical (0°), R – swing-up (20°) or GR – swing-up with gas spring (180°) for each side (option)
  • Mounting kit
  • 160 l hydraulic tank
  • 1 radio remote controlled proportional valve section for external functions
  • LED spotlight on jib and/or main boom operated via radio remote control
  • Light tower, red/yellow/green
  • Oil cooler
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Prepared for variable flow pump
Loading group B33220-K23220-K33220-K43220-K53220-K6
Load momenttm30.729.829.528.727.9
Hydraulic reachm8.310.312.414.616.8
Slewing torquekgm3839404142
Slewing angle°cont.cont.cont.cont.cont.
Height above mounting surfacemm23502350235023502350
Width, foldedmm25002500250025002500
Length of crane, no extra valvesmm10341034103410341034
Stabilizer spread, standardmm55505550555055505550
Stabilizer spread, longmm64306430643064306430
Weight excl. stabilizerskg27602960316033303490
Weight of stabilizers, standardkg365365365365365
Working pressurebar365365365365365
Pump performancel/min80-110
Oil tank capacity, separate tankl160
Power consumptionkW49-68
Hook height 1.5 m from columnm2.


Loading group B33220-K73220-K8
Load momenttm27.827.1
Hydraulic reachm1921.3
Slewing torquekgm4344
Slewing angle°cont.cont.
Height above mounting surfacemm23502350
Width, foldedmm25002500
Length of crane, no extra valvesmm11301130
Stabilizer spread, standardmm55505550
Stabilizer spread, longmm64306430
Weight excl. stabilizerskg36403765
Weight of stabilizers, standardkg365365
Working pressurebar365365
Pump performancel/min80-110
Oil tank capacity, separate tankl160
Power consumptionkW49-68
Hook height 1.5 m from columnm2.32.3
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