HMF Crane 2630-K


The HMF 2630-K Series – well suited for precision tasks far away from the vehicle

The HMF 2630-K Series is a particularly strong loader crane with an excellent power-to-weight ratio. The boom system is available with 15° over-bending between the main boom and the jib, which provides high flexibility in particular for precision tasks in narrow places, for example through low gates or windows.

The HMF 2630-K has a single Power Plus link arm system on the jib which ensures high lifting capacity, even when the boom system is fully extended, and it is supplied with a user-friendly HDL speed adaptation system, which gives the operator the possibility of thoroughly controlling the crane movements and at the same time the lifting capacity of the crane is increased.

It has been crucial for HMF to create the 2630-K as a flexible working tool that can easily extend or change its functionality, thus adapting it for the individual task. Therefore the 2630-K is available with a wide range of peripheral options such as winch or extra valves for rotator and grab as well as manual extensions.

The HMF 2630-K is available with the market’s most comprehensive and thoroughly thought out safety system, the RCL 5300, which protects the crane against overloading, simply by stopping the movements of the crane before the max. permissible load moment has been exceeded.


Loading group B3 2630-K22630-K32630-K42630-K5
Load momenttm24,023,523,022,5
Hydraulic reachm8,310,312,514,8
Slewing torquekgm2762276227622762
Slewing angle°400400400400
Max. heel at max. moment°5555
Working pressurebar345345345345
Recommended pump performancel/min70-12070-12070-12070-120
Height above mounting surfacemm2295229522952295
Length of crane, no extra valvesmm885885885885
Length of crane, with extra valvesmm1005100510051005
Width mm2500250025002500
Stabilizer spread, standardmm5575557555755575
Stabilizer spread, double mm6455645564556455
Weight of standard crane excl. stabilizers*kg1895206522652415
Weight of stabilizers, standard*kg290290290290
Weight of stabilizers, double*kg365365365365
* Weight excl. fittings, optional extras and oil.
Loading group B3 2630-K62630-K72630-K8
Load momenttm22,021,721,3
Hydraulic reachm17,219,421,7
Slewing torquekgm276227622762
Slewing angle°400400400
Max. heel at max. moment°555
Working pressurebar345345345
Recommended pump performancel/min70-12070-12070-120
Height above mounting surfacemm229522952295
Length of crane, no extra valvesmm885995995
Length of crane, with extra valvesmm100510301030
Width mm250025002500
Stabilizer spread, standardmm557555755575
Stabilizer spread, double mm645564556455
Weight of standard crane excl. stabilizers*kg255526602745
Weight of stabilizers, standard*kg290290290
Weight of stabilizers, double*kg365365365
* Weight excl. fittings, optional extras and oil.

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