HMF Crane 2120-K


The HMF 2120-K Series – a strong and versatile working tool in the 20 tm range

The HMF 2120-K is a sturdy, fast and flexible loader crane with a power-to-weight ratio that ranks among the best on the market. The boom system is available with an over-bending of 15° between the main boom and the jib which provides great flexibility, when working through narrow passages and under overhead power wires. The working area between the main boom and the jib is thus up to 195°!

HMF develops complete crane solutions and besides supplying thoroughly thought out solutions for the actual crane functions, solutions for stabilizers suitable for different working situations have also been developed. The choice between fixed stabilizer legs, manual swing-up stabilizer legs up to 20° or hydraulic swing-up stabilizer legs up to 180° establishes completely new possibilities for creating the most appropriate working conditions for both vehicle and crane. The result is a remarkable improvement of the total efficiency.

HMF focuses heavily on crane safety and incorporates “safety first” in all crane functions. HMF offers, as the only supplier on the market, a totally integrated safety system: the CE-Safety System RCL 5300. The intelligent safety system registers all activities in the electronic system, which gives the operator security in relation to a possible overloading of the crane, because it stops the crane movements before the max. permissible load moment is exceeded.

Furthermore the crane series is equipped with a user-friendly HDL speed adaptation system which provides increased and intensified lifting capacity.


Loading group B3 2120-K22120-K32120-K42120-K5
Load momenttm19.519.118.618.1
Hydraulic reachm8.310.312.514.8
Slewing torquekgm2426242624262426
Slewing angle°400400400400
Max. heel at max. moment°5555
Working pressurebar345345345345
Recommended pump performancel/min70-10070-10070-10070-100
Height above mounting surfacemm2295229522952295
Length of crane. no extra valvesmm885885885885
Length of crane. with extra valvesmm1005100510051005
Width mm2500250025002500
Stabilizer spread. standardmm5575557555755575
Stabilizer spread. double mm6455645564556455
Weight of standard crane excl. stabilizers*kg1840199521802320
Weight of stabilizers. standard*kg275275275275
Weight of stabilizers. double*kg355355355355
* Weight excl. fittings. optional extras and oil.
Loading group B3 2120-K62120-K72120-K8
Load momenttm17.717.217.0
Hydraulic reachm17.219.421.7
Slewing torquekgm242624262426
Slewing angle°400400400
Max. heel at max. moment°555
Working pressurebar345345345
Recommended pump performancel/min70-10070-10070-100
Height above mounting surfacemm229522952295
Length of crane. no extra valvesmm885995995
Length of crane. with extra valvesmm100510301030
Width mm250025002500
Stabilizer spread. standardmm557555755575
Stabilizer spread. double mm645564556455
Weight of standard crane excl. stabilizers*kg244525502635
Weight of stabilizers. standard*kg275275275
Weight of stabilizers. double*kg355355355
* Weight excl. fittings. optional extras and oil.

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