HMF Crane 1220K 2011


The HMF 1220-K Series

The HMF 1220-K with dual Power Plus link arm system, HDL-d speed adaptation system, RC-d proportional control valve with SC2 radio remote control for a very fast and precise handling. Fixed or variable flow pump.

Can be equipped with HMF’s load-dependent EVS system monitoring and ensuring stability.

This crane has up to 5 hydraulic extensions, and can be equipped with hydraulically extensible stabilizer beams and swing-up stabilizer legs (option).

It has been manufactured in high-tensile steel and with its particularly low tare weight and the longest reach within its range of as much as 15.0 in the K5 version, there is a lot of power for lifting heavy loads at a long reach.

A high performance hydraulic system, an optimized crane geometry and the RCL Safety System guarantee a highly efficient, very fast and safe HMF loader crane.

Superior strength and low tare weight, operational safety and a nice and wear-resistant design make this crane an extremely versatile and powerful working tool.


Loading group B3 1220-K11220-K21220-K31220-K41220-K5
Load momenttm11,711,411,010,710,5
Hydraulic reachm6,18,210,512,715,0
Slewing torquekgm13251325132513251325
Slewing angle°420420420420420
Max. heel at max. load moment°55555
Working pressurebar330330330330330
Recommended pump performancel/min4040404040
Height above mounting surfacemm21352135213521352135
Length of crane, no extra valvesmm747747747747747
Length of crane, with extra valvesmm868868868868868
Width mm25002500250025002500
Stabilizer spread 4.6mm46154615461546154615
Stabilizer spread 5.6mm55905590559055905590
Weight of standard crane excl. stabilizers*kg11151240135014451530
Weight of stabilizers, 4.6*kg170170170170170
Weight of stabilizers, 5.6*kg195195195195195

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